About Us

Harm reduction is a term that is fundamental to us. It’s “a term that defines policies, programmes, services and actions that work to reduce the: health; social; and economic harms to: individuals; communities; and society that are associated with the use of drugs1.”

Exchange, from Frontier Medical Group, was developed to meet the demand for specialised equipment and paraphernalia for the needle exchange and harm reduction arena.

From humble foundations and a select product range, we have grown to supply hundreds of bespoke products, to thousands of services across the UK and Europe, establishing ourselves as leaders in the marketplace.


Needle Exchange

We understand that each and every service has its own specific challenges. We are committed to supporting and advising services on the most efficient ways of providing their client base with the products they require. With our range of innovative products we are able to offer fully customisable packs and paraphernalia to respond to these challenges.

1. Newcombe 1992