Filter Syringe

Filter Syringe

  • Product Code: 011020
Filter Syringe

The Filter Syringe has been specifically designed to provide filtration for every injection and to assist in the prevention of sharing items of paraphernalia, such as makeshift filters.

Each Filter Syringe is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is latex free. All syringes are CE marked and contain lot numbers and use by dates for traceability.


  • Integral Filter negates the need to use other makeshift filters
  • PIN Scratch ID
  • 29g 12.7mm Needle
  • Translucent End Cap
  • Graduations in ml
  • Individual soft packaging with harm reduction message


  • Dimensions: H 146mm x W 37mm x L 79mm
  • Order Code x2400/Carton : NN7067
  • Order Code x200/Carton: 011020
  • Product Weight: 55g
  • Carton Quantity: 200
  • Carton Weight: 10kg
  • Carton Dimensions: H 398mm x W 321mm x L 306mm
  • Carton Volume: 0.039m3