Sharpsafe 0.3 Litre

Sharpsafe 0.3 Litre

  • Product Code: 41761210
Sharpsafe 0.3 Litre

The 0.3L container allows easy disposal of syringes up to 1ml and a non return feature ensures sharps cannot be removed once inserted.

The design of the 0.3L is such that other items of drug related litter such as spoons, etc can also be disposed of.


  • 0.3L Nominal Capacity
  • Compact Design
  • Disposal of needles up to 1ml
  • Non Return Petal Aperture
  • Temporary & Final Closure Feature
  • Harm Reduction Message Label


  • Dimensions: H 130mm x W 50mm x L 105mm
  • Product Label: Harm Reduction Message Label
  • Order Code: 41761210
  • Capacity: 0.3L
  • Usable capacity to the fill line
  • Complies with UN 3291, BS EN ISO 23907:2012 and NF-X-30-511 standard
  • Product Weight 70g
  • Carton Quantity: 100 Carton
  • Weight 8.25kg
  • Carton Dimensions: H 268mm x W 443mm x L 503mm
  • Carton Volume: 0.060m3