Solo Syringes

Reducing the risk of sharing injecting equipment and transmission of blood-borne viruses.

The sharing of injecting equipment is both the biggest risk factor for blood-borne virus transmission among drug injectors, and the focus of harm reduction interventions reducing the risk of accidental sharing.1

One of the most common viruses spread amongst injecting drug users is Hepatitis C, with 90% of new infections contracted through poor injecting practice.2,3

The Solo syringes from Frontier Medical comes in five colours, making it easy to identify injecting equipment helping to reduce the risk of sharing.

The Solo fixed needle syringes are also ultra low dead space, minimising any leftover fluid inside the syringe after the plunger is fully depressed. This reduces the risk of blood-borne virus transmission should injection equipment be accidentally shared.4

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Order Codes





Product Code


1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Blue 30g (0.31mm) ½” (13mm) 011810 FTR2510
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Green 30g (0.31mm) ½” (13mm) 011811 FTR2511
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Yellow 30g (0.31mm) ½” (13mm) 011812 FTR2512
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Pink 30g (0.31mm) ½” (13mm) 011813 FTR2513
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe White 30g (0.31mm) ½” (13mm) 011814 FTR2558
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Blue 29g (0.33mm) ½” (13mm) 011815 FTR2514
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Green 29g (0.33mm) ½” (13mm) 011816 FTR2515
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Yellow 29g (0.33mm) ½” (13mm) 011817 FTR2516
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe Pink 29g (0.33mm) ½” (13mm) 011818 FTR2517
1ml SOLO Fixed Syringe White 29g (0.33mm) L½” (13mm) 011819 FTR2518
1ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Slip)
White 011620
1ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Slip)
Purple 011621 FTR2519
2ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Lock)
Blue 011622 FTR2520
2ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Lock)
Green 011623 FTR2521
2ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Lock)
Yellow 011624 FTR2522
2ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Lock)
Purple 011625 FTR2523
2ml SOLO Syringe
(Luer Lock)
White 011626 FTR2524